Last night we watched the first two episodes of Entourage on HBO Go with our tablet. We have the rest of the season DVR’d, but we missed the first two and were waiting for the replay that never happened. So my takeaway…WOW! Awesome user experience. This morning my 4 year old was watching the original Power Rangers movie on it. We also have Netflix. And we’re going to keep both because HBO had more adult programming and recent movies. Netflix has a huge library of streaming kiddy stuff. BTW, we really appreciate the parental controls available on these apps since it doesn’t take long before a really young kid can figure out how to use it.

BTW, we switched to TV when we got to the episodes DVR’d because of screen size, but in hindsight we could have saved space on the DVR by connecting the tablet through the HDMI cable and streaming. I can’t believe I just said that because I really don’t know much about tv technology, but I’m catching on. I’m going to declare right now that if I can speak to this subject, HBO Go and Netflix streaming are crossing the chasm!