Nobody really knows what happens when you take the 3rd largest economy out of commission for a few months.  I don’t believe it has ever happened since World War 2.  What does it mean for global trade?  Does it reinforce for us how reliant our global economy is in keeping money spinning around the globe?  I wonder if a number of companies will pull back on the reigns until it becomes more clear if Japan has become too preoccupied with it’s own horrible (and may I say awe-inspiring) disaster.  This recession has certainly taught us that pulling back on the reigns, even if it is not necessary,  has a domino effect which leads to a downturn.

But I’m not gloomy on the prospect of a pull back right now (if it happens).  I am so inspired by the courage and sense of order that I see in the videos of Japan.  I really don’t think that any other country in the world could remain so calm.  To have no civil unrest or crime is simply amazing.

I guess that Japan is back up and running again with a renewed appetite for goods, a speedy recovery in exports and an even greater appreciation for life than ever before.  My prediction is a rockin’ Q3 for global commerce.  Wanna bet?