I’m going to take an extreme position here, but I’m gonna throw down.  Get rid of the patent office and patents in general.  There, I said it.

I have 3 patents (pending still I think) and the whole darn thing is just a huge waste of money and impediment to business.  Here is my argument:

–  You really have to pay lawyers to interface with the Patent Office.  Despite do-it-yourself books, you’re not likely to get a complex patent accepted unless you hire an army of high priced lawyers.  So mom and pop or the original inventor like we used to have is unable to play.

–  Technology is confusing and near impossible to patent anyways.  I’m sure you’ve worked at a company that put up dozens of patents just to try to protect their invention from work arounds.  Even then, another company patents something similar and then it all gets fought in court.  All kinds of companies pop up just to patent things that they never intend to build.  Innovation is stifled.

–  Congress is way too detached from technology to ever be able to create a government office which can effectively manage patents.

This is one of those issues that we don’t spend enough time talking about.  It is a huge mess right now.  So when I read this article on congress attempting to “fix” the patent office, I almost laughed out loud.  Read it and debate me…