Today the media is all a buzz because it *might* snow in San Francisco.

I was in elementary school in San Carlos, CA when it snowed 35 years ago.  Being a little kid, it was exciting, but I never would have thought it would take another 35 years before it might happen again.  Now, back in the day, before the Internet, social media, mobile phones, xboxes, or ipads or Global Warming (wink), we had a little yippee moment and went on about our jobs/school/other business.  Arundel Elementary school cleared the snow off the playground before recess (I’m still not over that BTW).  It was all melted by the time we walked home from school (yes, I did say walked).  And back in the day, we were concerned about global cooling due to fluorocarbons in the ozone layer and about acid rain which would surely melt flesh off our bones.  That was after the drop and cover/crawl under your desk drills we had to perform when we heard the nuke siren go off.

Flash forward 35 years.  Now we’re worried about Global Warming and plastic bag pollution.  Possible snow in SF is a headline on Drudge Report.  They are doing call in video segments from San Francisco which are reposted on YouTube.  Somebody put up a whole website called  People are reportedly taking the day off just in case it snows.  And I’m guessing if it does, I’ll be seeing FB mobile video uploads all night long.

Oh what a difference 35 years makes!